Happy New Year everyone. We hope you had a great festive season and are looking forward to a productive and enjoyable 2017, we certainly are. Perhaps, your plans include treating yourself to a spanking new natural leather Chesterfield. If that’s the case, then our guide to buying a leather sofa may be just what you need.

There is simply nothing like natural leather.

Leather is one of the oldest materials known to man. Early humans quickly learned how to use animal skins, the by-products of hunting for food, as body covering offering hardwearing comfort and protection. Over the years our understanding and appreciation of this versatile material has grown to a veritable art form.

It’s Durable, Dependable, Delightful…

At the Chesterfield Sofa Company, we pride ourselves on the quality of the natural leathers we select for our range of leather furniture. We do this knowing that, as a natural product, leather has a number of unique qualities. So, when buying a leather sofa these are some of the characteristics we feel you will embrace and appreciate.
  • Leather is soft and luxurious and has an aroma like no other material. It is supremely comfortable, always dependable and offers a seating experience that any other upholstery can match. As a natural product, natural leather will breathe and adapt to the environment in which it is used. That’s why it is initially cool to the touch but quickly and comfortably adjusts to your body temperature without ever becoming hot and sticky.
  • Good quality leather is very durable. In fact, leather furniture will outlast virtually any other upholstery material. Better yet, it will improve with age if looked after properly. Like a fine wine, it will mellow, subtly adding character as it gradually changes to become your unique sofa.
  • Leather is easy to live with. It requires very little maintenance to keep it in superb condition. It will easily shrug off stains caused by food or drink. You can remove little accidents from finished leathers with ease. Most spills will just bead on the surface to be merely wiped away.
  • Natural leather does not attract dust making it ideal for sufferers of asthma or allergies. Indeed, allergy experts recommend leather furniture for its ability to resist allergens and remain dust free.

Naturally Beautiful

Like a fingerprint, no two pieces of leather are the same. Each hide tells the story of the animal that produced it. These are known as the hallmarks of natural leather and all who appreciate the true beauty of real leather will know it enhances the quality and appeal of the furniture it makes. Like ourselves, living animals are exposed to all kinds of influence from the environment. That’s why natural leather proudly bears the hallmarks of its origin and why no other material comes close to being as distinctive and distinguished. Leather’s unique character may include subtle colour variation, scars, the odd wrinkle or maybe the remnants of an insect bite. None of these things will weaken or reduce the durability of the leather and for the discerning they enhance the experience of owning a genuinely individual natural leather sofa.

Bringing out the best

With such a fantastic product as natural leather, our job at the Chesterfield Sofa Company is simply to make the very best of this traditional material. We pride ourselves on making fantastic furniture that enhances the beauty of the leather and provide pieces you will treasure and enjoy for years to come. Maybe the first year for you will be 2017?]]>