Chesterfield sofa have in common? Well, the answer, of course, is that they’re all quintessentially British. They’re as ‘British’ as cucumber sandwiches, afternoon tea and Mary Berry. Yet, in spite of the many similarities, there’s a fundamental difference between them, and that’s simply that they all don’t deliver equally in terms of value for money. Yes a big slice of cake is enough to get anyone smiling, even the curmudgeonly Paul Hollywood; but its appeal just doesn’t last. It’s an ephemeral pleasure, and one that’s soon forgotten. The same can’t be said for the Chesterfield sofa: they’re part of the family for life. The problem is once you’ve had your cake and eaten it, what happens then? Well, not a lot really. You’ll simply want more, and you know deep down that that just isn’t good for you: a minute of the lips, forever on the hips and all that. A Chesterfield sofa, however, will certainly not make you pile on the pounds. Far from it, a Chesterfield Sofa company sofa will actually help to shed a few pounds from your sofa budget. What’s more it will keep on giving for a lifetime. You won’t be going back for seconds when you buy this British classic. What’s so special about the classic Chesterfield sofa? What makes the traditional Chesterfield sofa so British? Well, it’s simple really. The Chesterfield sofa encapsulates everything that is truly great about Britain: tradition, craftsmanship and quality. They’re tough and resilient and transcend fashion trends. The true beauty of a traditional Chesterfield settee, however, is that it is infinitely versatile. Think of a Chesterfield sofa as a modern-day chameleon. They can blend in with any decorative scheme, whether that’s contemporary or traditional. They have the history, pedigree and classic lines traditionalists demand, but look equally good in a modern setting, regardless of how minimal or industrial that setting might be. So the next time you’re sat on the sofa watching Bake Off, don’t bother drooling over Mary’s cakes or Paul’s iced buns; just think of how you can better spend your money. Forget the calories and live a healthier and more fulfilling life: buy a Chesterfield sofa instead. Not only will you save the pounds whilst losing the pounds, you’ll also be spending your money wisely. Your classic Chesterfield Sofa Company settee will continue to satisfy all your cravings, when your cream horn or Danish pastry is nothing but a distant hazy memory.]]>