chesterfield sofa on TV will make its long-awaited return. Welcome back the Autumn Watch chesterfield settee: we’ve missed you. Granted the old girl might be a bit battered and frayed round the edges, but she lived the life and travelled far and wide. Old and tatty she might be, but that lovely old leather chesterfield sofa is still a real eye-catcher. So who are Chris Packham, Martin Hughes-Games and Michaela Strachan gracing with their presence this time? Well, it’s bonny Scotland by all accounts. The team and their delightful chesterfield sofa will be presenting the latest series from the WWT Caerlaverock Wetland Centre near Dumfries. Caerlaverock Wetland Centre’s 1500 wetland site stands on the marshy banks of the Solway Firth. It’s managed by the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT), and is remarkable for 3 things. First it’s the overwintering home to the entire population of 30,000 Svalbard barnacle geese. Second it’s one of only two places in the UK where you can find a tiny three-eyed prehistoric animal called a tadpole shrimp, or a triops, which is one of the oldest species in the world. And lastly it’s almost probably the only wetland centre that can boast its own resident chesterfield sofa too – albeit temporary residence. That’s 3 good reasons to watch as far as we’re concerned. Nature’s a wonder, isn’t it? It might be ‘red in tooth and claw’ much of the time, but it’s also a thing of beauty. A Chesterfield Sofa Company chesterfield sofa is a thing of beauty too. We take what nature provides – sustainable hard woods and natural quality leathers – and our time-served craftsmen transform hardwoods and leathers into a chesterfield sofa that is every bit as beautiful and elegant as anything nature can provide. However, as skilled as our craftsmen might be, they have their limits. If you want your chesterfield sofa to have the pre-loved, lived-in look, then the responsibility is yours. If you really want a sofa that looks like an ageing rocker and then you’re going to have to put in a shift. Still sitting down and relaxing’s hardly much of a sacrifice, is it? So sit back and relax and let nature dazzle you. You never know what you’re going to get with this programme: the BBC can only follow where nature leads, so expect the unexpected. The only thing that you can say with any degree of certainty is that, whatever happens, the chesterfield sofa will steal the show. ]]>